Attorney Fees for a San Diego DUI Lawyer

Attorney fees for a San Diego DUI Lawyer shouldn’t total more than a few thousand dollars – in a “typical” case.

OK, but what does that mean? What is a typical case and what is a “few” thousand dollars? The average DUI case typically involves a DMV hearing and at least one court date but very rarely goes to trial. This is absolutely vital to understand.

Attorney FeesIf a DUI defendant doesn’t understand the basic processes that every DUI case goes through in the courts and with the DMV they could be convinced to pay for time not really spent on their case.

Attorney Fees Always Equate to Time and Advice

A lawyer’s time and advice are his stock in trade.” Abraham Lincoln.

Attorneys can only provide defendants advice on how to proceed in their case based on the time spent on the particular case in question and their specific education, training and experience.

In every DUI case, after spending time on a defendants case the defendant in a DUI case makes the decision on whether to actually go to trial – not the judge, prosecutor or DUI defense lawyer.

Attorney Fees Equate to Some Time in Court

A few select DUI defense attorneys in San Diego will quote fees that “include Jury Trial” or use language like “every possible scenario” when discussing their fees for DUI defense eventhough this is a widely known fact in the legal profession that less than 3% of all DUI cases actually go to trial. George F. Cole [2004]

The DUI defendant decides whether to proceed to trial, or not, months after hiring the defense lawyer – not at the time of retaining said attorney.

Attorney Fees Equate to Advice

After the DUI defense attorney reviews all the evidence, has reviewed all available defenses and has evaluated the pre-trial offer made by the prosecution, a defendant will make the decision to proceed to trial based on the advice provided by the lawyer.

The decision to proceed to trial or accept a plea bargain does not rest with the defense attorney.

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