July 7

San Diego DUI Trial Results

San Diego DUI Trial Results All San Diego DUI Trial Results are unique because every DUI client unique and every DUI case is different. Each San Diego County DUI case is handled with a strategies specifically developed in the beginning of the DUI process based on the specific facts surrounding a person’s DUI arrest. The.

July 2

Unpredictability of DUI defense

An illegal stop, unlawful arrest, improper field sobriety test(s) and lost evidence are some of the most common ways to successfully fight a DUI in San Diego. The problem with all of these defenses? The viability of these defenses are NOT known at the outset of a DUI case and this can make it very.

September 15

Second DUI

Second DUI Arrest, San Diego A second DUI arrest can result in up to 12 Months Jail time, an 18 month alcohol program, In-Patient/Out-Patient treatment, fines of at least $2,500.00, extensive community service, 5 years of formal probation of loss of license. For a second DUI conviction within 10 years, a 1 year “hard” suspension.

February 27

Public Work Service

The Public Work Service Program often assigned to those who have been found guilty or plead guilty of a DUI in San Diego. Typically it is assigned to those individuals who have a blood alcohol level in excess of .15 and if there was an accident involved. However, please note that these are not the.