July 2

Unpredictability of DUI defense

An illegal stop, unlawful arrest, improper field sobriety test(s) and lost evidence are some of the most common ways to successfully fight a DUI in San Diego. The problem with all of these defenses? The viability of these defenses are NOT known at the outset of a DUI case and this can make it very.

September 15

Second DUI

Second DUI Arrest, San Diego A second DUI arrest can result in up to 12 Months Jail time, an 18 month alcohol program, In-Patient/Out-Patient treatment, fines of at least $2,500.00, extensive community service, 5 years of formal probation of loss of license. For a second DUI conviction within 10 years, a 1 year “hard” suspension.

August 15

DMV Hearing

DMV Hearing A DMV Hearing, Administrative Per Se hearing, must be requested within 10 calendar days of the date of your San Diego DUI arrest – the date your were given with the “suspension” (pink piece of paper) or temporary license as some call it. If your hearing request is timely the hearing will be.