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DUI Attorneys San Diego

Searching for DUI Attorneys San Diego

A quick search on google will reveal a multitude of DUI Attorneys San Diego advertising for your business. But how do you compare or do you? Some people just call the first name at the top of the page thinking they must be good to be at the top. What they don’t realize is that those attorneys at the top of google pay to get there.

Comparing DUI Attorneys San Diego

DUI Attorneys San Diego
Comparing DUI attorneys can sometimes be like comparing apples to oranges as some attorneys don’t believe in going to trial while others do. Some local attorneys will make outrageous claims like “winning the most DUI trials” but assertions like that can never be backed up as there are too many attorneys to choose from.

Interviewing DUI Attorneys San Diego

Start by looking at all the websites. Does the website provide any actual information or is it just a one page “advertisement?” If it is a one-page wonder ask yourself why. Why can’t that attorney provide any information to help you answer your questions immediately? Why is that attorney or office not utilizing the web as it could be? Does this make you feel comfortable? The best DUI Attorneys San Diego has to offer will provide comphrehensive information not only about the penalties, but also the law, their experience and even cost.

Once you have reviewed a variety of sites and appreaciate the tone and content select several attorneys to meet with and always bring a list of questions you have prepared beforehand. What kind of questions?

Five basic questions about DUI defense that you should always ask are:

Would you be the attorney in court?
How many DUI cases have you been the attorney of record on?
How many DUI cases have you taken to trial?
How many DMV cases have you won?
How many DUI cases do you currently have open?

Of course there are always many more questions that need to be answered but these are a good start.

Bradley Corbett is one of the best DUI Attorneys San Diego has to offer and he is available today to disuss your case and potential DUI defenses immediately.

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