Professional Licenses

Individuals holding professional licenses such as attorneys, nurses, physicians, pilots, stock brokers, teachers, veterinarians, x-ray technicians, and others licensed by a state or federal regulatory agency may face additional consequences if arrested or convicted of driving under the influence. Some professionals are required to report an arrest immediately. Others holding professional licenses are only required to report a conviction.

In instances involving law enforcement officers, the arrest will be reported to the employer immediately. In the case of many other professionals, such as nurses or teachers, the arrest will be reported on the next business day. Accordingly, it is critical for a person who practices a profession to consult with a qualified attorney immediately. Mr. Tayac recognizes the urgency of his clients’ matters and will receive or return a telephone call on the weekend or in the evening.

If you hold a professional license and have been arrested for driving under the influence or have been charged with driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.08 percent or more call today.

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