Pen. C. §11105(b)(8) and Pen. C. §13300(b)(8) authorize direct access to criminal history information for the public defender or attorney of record for a criminal defendant.

Section 11105 covers state criminal history record information and §13300 covers local records, usually maintained by the county sheriff.

All these records are generally known as “rap sheets”.

State records are more precisely referred to as “Criminal Identification and Investigation”, or “CII”, records.
Local records are referred to as “local summary criminal history”, or “local criminal history”.
Law enforcement calls it “criminal offender record information”, or “CORI”.

Criminal Identification Information (CII) CII rap sheets contain arrest information, booking information, sentencing information, and police report numbers. Useful information such as aliases, social security numbers, dates of birth, and other personal information about the defendants are on the printouts also.

federal records are contained in the NCIC (National Crime Information Center). And Lesa, the cops have the ability to check CII and NCIC records with a click of a finger

cops can run a person thru CORI, which is the Criminal Offender Records Index

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