San Diego DUI case wins

San Diego DUI case wins are promoted by a few DUI attorneys in San Diego as the only measure of success in a DUI case but what is a win? How is win defined by your DUI attorney? What have they been hired to do?

When you see websites or “junk mail” advertising victories don’t read too much into it as any one can type up a list of numbers, initials, dates etc. and present it as a list of victories. Also, confidentiality laws prevent lawyers from diviluging any information about clients cases or results.

Types of San Diego DUI case wins

In a San Diego DUI case the “TYPES” of results that can be achieved include:

“Not Guilty” at trial.
No charges filed.
Reduced to “Dry Reckless.”
Reduced to “Wet Reckless.”
Reduced to “3 One-Pointers.”
No license suspension – 1st DUI.
No license suspension – 2nd DUI.
2nd DUI – prior dismissed.
3rd DUI – both priors dismissed.
3 DUIs in one month – no jail.
DUI Drugs – Dismissed.
DUI with refusal – reduced to “Disturbing the Peace.”
DUI & Evading – Dismissed.

San Diego DUI case win: Motion to Suppress Evidence

On June 24, 1999 Mr. C.H. was arrested for a DUI in El Cajon. He was stopped by a San Diego Sheriff’s patrol officer in a Ralph’s grocery store parking lot. Because of way in which the Deputy stopped him, tested him, and arrested him, a motion to suppress the evidence was filed on his behalf. During the hearing on the motion the deputy testified as to his observations and his reasons for contacting Mr. C.H. The deputy could not give any reason (no specific fact; circumstance; or violation of law) for his contacting Mr. C.H.

In essence, the deputy had “a hunch.” After all of the testimony, argument by myself and the prosecuting attorney the Judge began his ruling by using the phrase “It is difficult to be a Monday morning quarterback.” The judge went on to explain to the Deputy and to the prosecution why he was suppressing the evidence. The end result was that the Judge agreed with me that the evidence should be suppressed because the officer had no reasonable suspicion to stop Mr. C.H. to begin with. Since there was no reasonable cause to stop him, everything that happened after the stop was thrown out.

This left the DA with no case.

(These results do not guarantee success in your case)

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