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San Diego DUI Attorney Reviews recieved after December 1, 2012:

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San Diego DUI Attorney Reviews recieved prior to December 15, 2012:

Very quick, very professional, treats every case like its his own. A truly genuine, effective attorney worth every penny.

John B.
San Diego, CA


Mr. Corbett was one of the best attorneys I have ever worked with. He talked me through the whole situation I was going through and when it came down to the negotiations he was able to get me an amazing deal. I wanted an attorney that was going to be aggressive because I felt like I was taken advantage of by the police and the whole system. He pushed back for me and I felt like I finally had someone on my side. I would recommend this firm to anyone!

Allan B
La Mesa, CA


Incredible Attorney. Works Tirelessly for his clients and is always available to talk no matter what. Makes is very clear how he will defend you and also has excellent legal strategy and work ethic to achieve desirable outcomes in his cases. Would recommend to anyone in need of legal assistance…THANKS BRAD!

Arjun I.
Los Altos, CA


Complimenting Brad is a very easy task, and hardworking is a good way to start. You may regret the decisions that put you in the situation you are in now, but you will never regret hiring Brad. He goes above and beyond anything I thought was possible from lawyers.

Garrett R.
Fillmore, CA


Bradley was very helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. Thank you for your services.

Avery S.
Vista, CA


I hired Bradley to represent me in my case. Right off the bat he impressed me with his presence. He was very responsive with what I had to say right when I first told him about my case and was eager to find all the facts. Through out all the time before my case he was very trustworthy, knowledgeable, responsible and just all around seemed great. Once it came to my trial date he did everything In his power and effort to defend me with so much energy and confidence. And he won my case :) . It’s safe to say I would definitely recommend Bradley to anybody!!!

Hayley S.
Vista, CA


I have personally dealt with lawyers more than once in my life. :( I have seen friends lawyers and heard friends talk of their experiences with their lawyer. I can hands down say out of all the lawyers I have personally had contact with Mr. Corbett is the most passionate of them all. I received a DUI one night and was arrested. My BAC was just barely over the legal limit which was frustrating because I wouldn’t have driven if I thought I would have been over it. Without going into too much detail, Mr. Corbett was able to find really huge errors in my case. The police officer did several things incorrectly which could have very easily led to my arrest. To see Mr. Corbett defend me with so much energy made me feel very comfortable. He informed me about all the facts of the case along the way, helped me weigh the pros and cons of making a deal and represented me better than I could imagine. In the end we won the case, which is almost unheard of for a DUI. My life has been significantly changed for the better because of him. The lawyers in my past treated me like just another case they had to take care of. Mr. Corbett made me feel like I was the only client he had when I know he was taking care of others. I truly can’t thank him enough and can’t express how impressed I was with him. Ive told all my friends about Mr. Corbett and would recommend him to anyone.

Jim F.
San Diego, CA


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