San Diego DUI Blood Tests

A San Diego DUI blood tests can be successfully challenged

A San Diego DUI blood tests have a number of inherent weaknesses and exposing those are essential in challenging the government’s case, and its evidence, against you.

San Diego DUI Blood TestsWhen the police are testing blood for a DUI cases the arresting officer will request a test for alcohol alone or drugs (illicit or prescribed) or both. This will determine the method used.

San Diego DUI Blood Tests

The two methods use for DUI blood testing are Enzymatic Assay and Gas Chromatography. The Enzymatic Assay blood test is an indirect measurement often referred to as hospital blood. This method does not specifically isolate the ethanol in your blood and may confuse other substances that have similar properties to ethanol thereby, potentially, producing a false positive reading. Tylenol has been falsely identified as alcohol through this method.

Both tests rely on the lab technicians ability to identify ethanol, to the exclusion of the over 65 million known chemical compounds, and also to make sure that the machines are calibrated. These machines are very complex and must be precisely calibrated. Imagine an old-style bathroom weight scale with a small dial for calibration. If not done periodically, it will not produce an accurate measurement.

Scientific instruments needed to perform San Diego DUI Blood tests need to be properly calibrated. Because they are measuring such small amounts the slightest error in can make a huge difference in the reported result. If the machine/operator is not trained properly, meaning how to pick out ethanol and ethanol alone to the exclusion of every other compound in the universe, then you will get the wrong result. And this isn’t the only potential sources for error.

Errors with San Diego DUI Blood Tests

Potential sources for DUI blood testing error include, but are not limited to, under-trained and overworked staff, contamination, lack of documentation, having the tubes transported and/or stored in non-ideal conditions and labeling errors.

Because there are so many potential sources for error recognized by the court you do have the right to your blood sample tested by a private facility.

San Diego DUI Blood Tests Through An Independent Laboratory

You have the right to get an independent test of your blood sample if requested. The cost can vary from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand depending on what your testing for and will usually require that you obtain a court order to get the Sheriff’s crime laboratory to release your sample.

There are many opportunities to defend a DUI case with blood test evidence by using expert witnesses, thoroughly up-to-date with all the latest scientific studies, and by independent testing of your blood sample.

If you have any questions about your arrest San Diego DUI Attorney Bradley Corbett can answer all of your questions and/or specific questions about San Diego DUI Blood Tests.

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