Probation Violation

If you are on probation a violation can occur for the smallest of reasons – even a clerical error on the part of the Court. For this reason you should always, immediately after being sentenced, review the paperwork you were provided by your attorney or the court to specifically check the exact terms as recorded on the docket – those terms will prevail if there is any conflict between what was said in court and the documents. If there is a conflict you can address the issue by going back into court.

Some warrants are issued by the court because of a failure, for whatever reason, to comply with some specific term of probation. Common reasons that warrants are issued are:

You didn’t receive notice of the complaint and/or;
You did not appear in court as scheduled and/or;
You did not pay your fine and/or;
You did not enroll in your class and/or;
You did not show proof that you enrolled and/or;
You did not complete your class and/or;
You did not show proof that you completed your class and/or;
You did not perform your “work service” and/or;
You did not complete your volunteer service and/or;

An experienced DUI lawyer can, in most cases, have your probation re-instated on the “same terms and conditions.” However, as with any DUI or DUI related case please consult with an Attorney directly.

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