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San Diego DUI Trial Results

San Diego DUI Trial Results

San Diego DUI trial resultsAll San Diego DUI Trial Results are unique because every DUI client unique and every DUI case is different. Each San Diego County DUI case is handled with a strategies specifically developed in the beginning of the DUI process based on the specific facts surrounding a person’s DUI arrest.

The following case results are meant to provide insight for prospective clients but are are in no way a guarantee of result in your unique case.

Attorney Corbett’s San Diego DUI Trial Results

Charges: 23152(a) and 23152(b) with a child endangerment allegation.
Court: Vista, California.
Description: Client was arrested for misdemeanor DUI with a child under 14 in the car. Client was stopped by the CHP for speeding (80 mph in 65 mph zone). Subsequent breath test returned a result of .14%. With no other criminal record and because he had a professional license to worry about, it was critical that the DUI charges were dismissed.

Achieving Outstanding San Diego DUI Trial Results

Every DUI attorney San Diego can offer you representation, but every DUI attorney is prevented by law from giving you a guarantee of success at trial. How can you achieve success at trial? By being prepared for all possible scenarios. How is that accomplished? Outstanding San Diego DUI Trial results require a team effort.

Mr. Corbett’s team of professionals is ready to assist you in preparing your case should it proceed to trial or not. Will your case proceed to trial? Ultimately only you can answer that question.

Should you have questions about about the possibility of success at trial in your DUI case contact DUI Attorney Corbett at 619 752 3004 and he can explain how it might be possible to beat your San Diego DUI case and his previous San Diego DUI Trial Results.

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  1. It is a team effort just like everything else in life. If you find a DUI lawyer in San Diego who doesn’t give credit to the other lawyers behind the scene and the investigators then I suggest you select another attorney for your DUI representation in San Diego because just like the driver who wins the race, the DUI lawyer who beats a DUI case didn’t get there by himself.

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