Sep 15

Second DUI

Second DUI Arrest, San Diego

A second DUI arrest can result in up to 12 Months Jail time, an 18 month alcohol program, In-Patient/Out-Patient treatment, fines of at least $2,500.00, extensive community service, 5 years of formal probation of loss of license.

For a second DUI conviction within 10 years, a 1 year “hard” suspension of driving privileges followed by a 6 month restricted drivers license.

If you have a commercial drivers license, a second DUI conviction is a life long disqualification of your commercial drivers license.

If your on probation for your prior DUI arrest and are convicted of a 2nd offense DUI, you are ineligible for a restricted drivers license and must serve out the full 1 year suspension.

Alternative sentencing programs such as Electronic Monitoring, House Arrest, SCRAM, Work Furlough programs, etc, have strict enrollment requirements but are good jail alternatives if required.

If you would like more information about how your experienced DUI attorney can save your license, call to speak to an experienced San Diego DUI attorney today.

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  1. Jonas 2 Jul 2012 | reply

    Great to know, but I just have one question: If you’re on medication that has the potential to alter your perception, would that still count as a DUI if you were stopped, but blew a 0.00?

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