February 27

Public Work Service

The Public Work Service Program often assigned to those who have been found guilty or plead guilty of a DUI in San Diego. Typically it is assigned to those individuals who have a blood alcohol level in excess of .15 and if there was an accident involved. However, please note that these are not the.

June 15

DUI Defense Cost

George F. Cole’s 2004 study, conducted over a 1 year period in the San Diego Superior Court, revealed that less than 3% of all drug related cases (alcohol is a drug) actually went to trial. The defendant in a DUI case – not the Judge, DUI prosecutor or DUI defense lawyer – decides whether to.

September 28

DUI San Diego

A DUI San Diego does not have to result in a court conviction or even the loss of your license if you act quickly and retain the services of San Diego DUI Attorney Bradley Corbett. DUI San Diego Being arrested for a DUI in San Diego is a stressful and sometimes traumatic event for anyone.