Jul 2

Unpredictability of DUI defense

An illegal stop, unlawful arrest, improper field sobriety test(s) and lost evidence are some of the most common ways to successfully fight a DUI in San Diego. The problem with all of these defenses?

The viability of these defenses are NOT known at the outset of a DUI case and this can make it very difficult for a DUI defendant to understand how strong, or weak, of a case they really have. This can really cause a lot of problems when seeking counsel because a select few DUI only attorneys in San Diego will tell you anything you want to hear in order to gain your business.

A recent client (hearsay obviously) told me that during her initial consultation with another DUI attorney that she had a “great defense” and that she had the “best defense” possible.

While I agreed that she had the possibility of a great defense I educated her in the reality of the situation and told her that we would actually have to wait until the police reports are available and we would also have to complete our pre-trial investigation, do the legal research and then speak to not only the district attorney assigned to her case but also to the DMV before we could possibly know the strength of her case.


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  1. anna 16 Jul 2012 | reply

    this sounds about right alot of legal cases arent as cut and dry as they seem theres a lot of variables to take into account and alot of people dont seem to realize this your doing a great job of educating peopel

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