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DUI attorneys will be able to determine the best course of action for your case because of the experience of previously asserting the myriad of DUI defenses available.

Obtaining the best possible outcome, the obvious goal, will require gathering a lot of information.

Some of the questions that need to be answered are:

1. Did the officer have reasonable suspicion to stop your vehicle?

2. If there was there a checkpoint, did the police follow protocol:

a. Having a legitimate purpose such as check for licenses, not general law enforcement

b. Was every vehicle stopped?

c. Was the roadblock properly marked?

d. Did a police supervisor approve the checkpoint and its legitimate purpose?

e. Having the detention be brief and for the correct legal purpose

3. Was the stop a pretextual?

4. Were the field sobriety tests performed and demonstrated in a manner consistent with proper police training?

5. Were you properly advised of your implied consent rights?

6. Did the arresting officer say anything inconsistent with your implied consent rights?

7. If your vehicle was searched, was there probable cause to search the vehicle?

8. Did the officer violate your 5th Amendment right to remain silent?

9. Was there probable cause to make the arrest?

10. Was a breath test was given, and was the machine working correctly?

11. If there was a blood test is there a proper chain of custody for the blood sample?

12. If there was a urine test, could the sample be switched with another person’s sample?

13. Did the blood or urine test show prescription drugs?

14. Were you apprised of your right to an independent blood test?

15. Was the officer properly trained to make DUI Arrests?

16. Does the officer have a disciplinary record?

17. If the blood or urine test shows the presence of marijuana metabolites, are the metabolites active THC or inactive?

18. If there was an accident, could the other driver have been at fault?

In today’s society there are many things that you can handle on your own but beating a DUI charge is not one of them.

It is critical that you have legal representation that is not only knowledgeable but also experienced.

If you have questions about your DUI case don’t hesitate to call today.

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